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"Elcliptech helped our catering business with a beautiful website, professional emails, SEO optimization, finance software and fixed our computer...
Chef Katina Johnson
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In today’s society we’re currently experiencing the biggest communication shift in over 500 years. The last shift of this magnitude was ushered in with Johannes Gutenberg’s Printing Press. Technology is the bases of modern communication. Think about it… one would be hard pressed to find a business or person that does not interact directly or indirectly with a computer or computer system on a daily bases. So why does it seem that with every new technological advancement comes a new headache of making sense of it all. At Elcliptech Group we strive to take the frustration out Technology so you can leverage it for optimal success. We just want help you make sense of it all. No fluff, no bluff.

Keep it simple, stupid!

Starting and running a business, to say the least, can be a daunting task and that’s before you throw technology in the mix. With our simple yet comprehensive services and consultation we can take a lot off your plate. We’ll work with you to device a plan that suites you business’s current state and future endeavors. Quality and affordable service is at our core so it’s our goal to give you what you NEED & WANT, period; no unnecessary bloat or fluff. Whether your a for-profit with millions in revenue or a new non-profit struggling to find your way, we will prove all of our clients with the same quality and respectful products and services.

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We give you a peace of mind.

Since the dawn of civilization the purpose of technology has been to make work easier and more efficient. So why does it seem like modern technology requires a post secondary education and an IQ the likes of Einstein to understand and use. We’ve proudly spent countless years gaining experience, knowledge and understanding of the ever evolving technologies and practices first and foremost because it is our PASSION. We love technology and this love fuels our service. Your success is our testimony.


High Quality

Everyone deserves quality that matches or exceeds their means. Elcliptech Group will always strive to provide exceptional products and quality services


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Great technology should not be reserved for the elite and the elite should not be mislead on value. Elcliptech Group stands firmly on our morals and ethics provide ALL clients with the same great service at the same great cost.

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